Return to Golodria

As the party made their way through the jungles and to the port town in northern Gesa, Draco heard in his head a familiar voice. Avalin was contacting him asking if they would come to the aid of the the family of Greystone once again. After explaining that they were missing one of their members Avalin asked for a name and a brief description of the person before he was able to contact him and teleport Corvus to Greystone. After arriving Avalin met the group outside the city gates, asking them on behalf of the crown to go and rescue General Kilrack from the Forest of Serpents. He was given 20,000 gold pieces to give to the group as well as assurance that a keep will be built in their honor for the deed. The group headed out of the city northward toward Smedan and Lake Everhand were Leominar used Sunbless to un petrify Gwen who thanked them and gave them a boon.

The war to End All Wars
How the group came together

The War to End All Wars

During the year, 1495 a Great War broke out across northern Yomia. High General Kilirak Hallowrock gathered troops from Greystone and the neighboring Countries (Osha, Lorus, and Smedan), against Towia, Zopolia, and Eburg. With the rise of Devils from the North, King Carric Hawklight declared war against the North and called to arms his banner men.

Hundreds of houses rallied behind their King, and they marched northward towards Zopolia and Towia. On their way North the past the town of Izaleth passing the home of Leominar and Westmalle.  After conscripting Leominar and Westmalle, they traveled through the forest and ran into the home of Damakos who they also conscripted. The three men were placed into the same squad known as the Whispering Tyrants, and after a few battles, the men were called into Hallowrocks’ tent and where given a special mission to head to the Sleeping Reservoir and locate one of the major portals that was letting the Devils through. Hallowrock gave the group a special gem that closes magical portals and sent them on their way, promising them a heroes return if they made it back, and they were going to be relieved of the rest of their duties and were going to be let loose from the army.

They traveled along the Jade River heading north and found the portal. They ran to the portal without anyone seeing them and threw gem into the portal. After the gem was thrown and a large Devil appeared and attacked the group killing the other three members before Leominar, Westmalle, and Damakos were able to flee.

After fleeing from the Devil the group rode on stolen horse back to back to Hallowrock’s stand, were they were placed under a Zone of Truth spell that confirmed that they did indeed destroy the portal. After confirmation, the group was sent on their way back to Izalith. On their way back the group had a dream that they all shared, a beautiful woman appeared walking through a doorway with; each of the participants of this dream saw the woman as being one of their race. However, the one thing that they all had in common was that they wore a porcelain mask. The woman spoke to them in a very seductive voice, asking them if they were willing to undertake a most perilous journey.

Once all three had accepted the woman told them they were to track down and kill two unholy creatures, the first one was an old man whose true name was Gerwin and the other was a one handed and one-eyed undead monstrosity. The group woke after the dreams feeling a moment of calmness and a new respect for the dead. As they headed once again South, they noticed a flock of Ravens following them all the way to Greystone.

Conundrum in Valarum

Upon waking the group saw no signs of Westmalle. They searched for signs of a struggle and found that there was some signs near the window and found a clear liquid on the window seal, and upon investigating further found out that it came from the roof and landed on the ground. The group searched high and low for Westamlle taking up most of the day before finally tracking it back to the Castle. Heading in the group was meet with opposition from some of the Duregar Guards who asked them some questions and why they had come to the Castle. After mentioning that they knew the King and threatened to report them the guards let them through. Upon entering they saw an elder Duregar that said his name was  Emrig and he was the councler to King Ket.

After speaking with King Ket they were granted permission to explore the keep search the place for the source of the liquid. While speaking with the King Damakos decided to go invisible and search for the source while the group kept King Ket busy. He found where the trail ended and listened at the door where the trail ended. After opening the door Damakos saw a Deep Gnome who was playing with some green mold's. After a while of witnessing this Damakos decided to stay in the room a while longer and the Deep Gnome transformed into a black pudding that attacked Damakos with a spell.

After escaping black pudding monster Damakos ran into the hall, and to his surprise six Duregar Guards running up the stairs looking for intruders. Letting his wings lose he lept into the air and flew over the guards while being struck by another spell from the pudding. After arriving back at the bottom of the stairs Damakos ran into the rest of his party while the guards and the Deep Gnome came down the stairs. Questions were asked and a Zone of Truth spell was placed upon the Deep Gnome, were he tried to attack Leominar and failed before transforming into an ooze once again and slinked away into the castle. The group split up where some party members ran into the the throne room and the rest running into the Deep Gnomes' chamber. There they found a Stonespeaker Stone and some paperwork depicting a large ooze with many eyes and mouths. 

Sessions 1

After the battle with the dozen thugs and the trap of the Obelisk, which Kern identified as the Obelisk of Bhaal, Kern led the party deeper into the belly of Rosebud. After several minutes they arrived, and dodging a lot fo traps, into a large Antechamber where there was about two dozen guards all on point with their crossbows ready and aimed at the party as they walked in. They saw a man in the back of the chamber who identified himself as Drako. After a quick discussion Drako told the party that if they paid him twenty thousand gold he would send them back in time, or if they were to do him a favor he would send them back. 

The party short of founds agreed to the favor which Drako told them it was to destroy the Obelisk of Bhaal with the aid of Kern who had been researching the Obelisk for thirty years. After returning to the Obelisk they saw some hieroglyphics which when translated with a Comprehend Languages spell came out to be "Et Eärello Endorenna utúlien. Sinome maruvan ar Hildinyar tenn' Ambar-metta!" After finding this out Ashus heard a tearing sound coming from withing the chamber and heard footsteps coming towards them. The party readied themselves for what ever was coming towards them when a thirteen foot tall, red skin. Devil showed up out of no where and attacked the party. 

After a few quick blows a Dwarf materialized behind the Devil and back stabbed it killing it and sending it back the the Nine Hells. After a quick discussion with the party, they agreed that the Dwarf could stay in the cavern while the party deciphered the text. After writing down the text from the Comprehend Languages spell, no one in the group could decipher what it said. That is until Kern came up behind them and read it as "Out of the Great Sea to Yomia I am come. In this place will I abide, and my heirs, unto the ending of the world."

Upon deciphering the text the party heard clapping as the Dwarf came up to them and told them he was sent by Bhaal to make sure that the Obelisk was to remain standing. He casted Fireball into the center of the party dealing quite a bit of damage to the group, before the party closed in and killed the Dwarf who upon dying revealed himself to be a Rakshasha. After the party recuperated a fireball hit the group from the side dealing even more damage and dropping a bunch of the party while a second Rakshasha came out of the darkness telling them that he was here to claim their souls for Bhaal, and that they are to not touch the Obelisk or they will be hunted. 

After Plane Shifting out of the room the party healed up some and went to the Obelisk and Leominar heard a voice calling to him, upon turning he saw a large creature that was a mixture of a bunch of different animals speaking towards him, no one else in the party saw or heard this creature. The creature whispered to Leominar and gave him a new spell called Ariandel. After taking a rest Leominar casted the new spell towards the Obelisk and it exploded dealing a ton of damage to the party. After doing this the party heard a tearing sound and they began to run while they were being belted by arrows from behind. After running through the tunnels and being hit by arrows and traps they made it back to the Sanctuary of Drako, who agreed to send them back in time if they where ready to go.

Ended here.


Past Couple of Sessions

While the party sat at the bar, Leominar and Draco went to the Emerald Palace to talk with the King. While there Leominar disclosed his real name surprising Draco as well as the King who disbelieved him as his family was supposedly killed by a plague of some magical sorts. The King who Leominar was finally able to convince he was real told him the Serpenthelms were to arrive in Graystone in 4-5 months time. This shocked Leominar who wasn't prepared to face the couple at the moment and realized that he needed to gain power in a short amount of time.

While at the bar Stinger realized that a women was staring at him from across the room while he was drinking. After a quick discussion the party prompted him to go and engage the women in conversation. After some flirting the two of them went up to the woman's room, while there and after some more  flirting the woman disclosed that her name was Delilah, who Stinger did not recognize but was quickly informed as Delilah drew a dagger from her back and rushed Stinger while declaring that he left her mother without a husband and her without a father. After a few swipes Delilah was finally able to get a hit in and stuck Stinger with the dagger while Stinger was trying to council her and to get her to stop attacking. After a while he was finally able to calm her emotions and she reviled that she had been looking for him for several years and heard that he was in Greystone with the company of Leominars Legionnaires. After a few words Delilah left the room in tears to her party and they got up and left the establishment with Stinger completely lost for words.

After arriving back at the Inn Leominar discussed with the party that he wanted to head back to the mine where their first adventure was taken place to go deeper into the tunnel where they had heard a noise and quickly fled before finding out what it was. After about 3 days of travel the party heard a flapping in the middle of the night and the wind picked up considerably. The party quickly woke up and prepared for battle with what happened to be a white dragon that almost took down the whole party with it's initial breath weapon. Through quick team work the party was able to keep bringing people who were close to death back up and were able to kill the dragon. After massacring the corpse of the dragon for most of what was on it, the party moved camp and slept the rest of the night.

After a few more days worth of travel the party arrived in Fort Dixon to a party for them in honor of them slaying the dragon that was killing the cattle and other animals in the surrounding lands. After resupplying they traveled into the mountains and after a few days a few of the party noticed a figure in the snow storm that had wings before it disappeared, after a few moments a woman in nothing more than rags appeared in front of the party and fell into the arms of Leominar. After realizing the woman was incapacitated they moved further finding a cave with some strange symbols on the walls and on the floor. Once in the cave the party lit a fire which woke the woman and while everyone was distracted she kissed Leominar killing him out right. After a brief battle the woman vanished in thin air. Using the scroll of Revivify the group was able to bring Leominar back from the brink of death and back to the land of the living. After spending the night in the cave the group found a hidden lever that opened the back of the cave which contained a bed and about 2000 gold as well as some gems and other items. During the night there was a massive snow storm that produced about 6 feet of snow, which the party complexed about how so much snow could gather in one night decided they needed to leave with Garm and Ashus digging a tunnel for the group to move through the snow.

After about 5 miles the group saw a large figure looking in their general direction. The figure had two heads which the party determined was a Ettin. After a rather quick battle the group won and dug their way up to the body and realized he was just burying his mate. The group saw that the path diverged one heading to the Thorp with the mine and the other heading to an unknown destination. Deciding to test their luck in the snow storm the party headed off their intended path and made towards the new path. After about an hour of traveling the party ran into a hovel which they heard cries from within and went to go investigate it, upon entering the group ran into a child Ettin and not really knowing what to do with such a creature was arguing about what to do. While arguing the group heard a noise coming from the outside and saw Amelia coming up with a bomb in her hand preparing for the worst. After a quick discussion it was deemed that Amelia was to take the Ettin back to the Burning Blades and train it like she was doing with the Harpy. After gathering their things the two groups headed towards the Thorp. After another 2 days they arrived which Bob (the Ettin) and Amelia separated ways.

The party spending a day in the Thorp re gathered their supplies and traveled into the mine and into the tunnel. After spending about 5 days traveling down the group entered into a very large cavern and saw a city in the distance which was highlighted by lava pouring out of the walls and from what they could tell from out of the city as well. After a quick look about to determine if they were alone the group saw a underground river with something that appeared to be a rock in the middle of the stream. Damakos seeing it threw a rock at it and hit it. After being alerted to the groups location the Troll stood up to it's full height and ran at the party. After a rather long battle the group was able to dispatch the Troll and used fire to cremate the corpse. Damakos tracking the creature found it's footprints heading to a hole in the ground. The group decided to head down into the whole and after about an hour and dodging a few traps they arrived in a room that held a chest and a door with an eye on it. Draco investigating the chest touched it and it revealed itself to be a Mimic that quickly bit down on Draco. After a brief battle the party slew the Mimic and recovered from it's inside a bag, which once identified found out to be a Tanglefoot bag.

After the battle the party went to the door and felt it and realized it was hot, after a quick discussion the party decided to open the door and saw the room was filled with lava and that there was four Kobold's on perches scattered about the room. After a brief discursion with the Kobold's, the party convinced them that they were friends of the person who was in charge and were permitted to go further into the cave. After seeing a incredibly large amount of gold in the next chamber the group realized that they might be dealing with a dragon and prepared themselves for combat much to the Kobold's distrust. After opening another door with and eye on it that felt warm the group was once again led onto a bridge that was over a lave pit that shifted when they put their weight on it, on the far right wall there was a mirror. After looking at the mirror they saw some glowing spots on the opposite doorway and Damakos using his wings flew over and pushed the right one. After pushing the right button the door slammed shut and the lava was rising quickly. Damakos tried the doors but to no avail, and the group tried pulling the doors open also to no avail. The lava reached Damakos dealing a significant amount of damage to him but not killing him as the lava receded the group was able to get the doors open for Damakos to fly thorough. After stablizing the bridge the group, after healing Damakos, sent him in to touch the other button. When he did he heard a click and touched the other button which opened the door.

After the door opened the party headed into the room and saw a bed, 3 rubies implanted in the wall across from them, a bookcase, a strange brain in a jar which had claws, and a circle that was drew into the ground. After doing some quick investigating the party heard a voice in their heads asking them what they were doing in Lazarus chambers. Upon speaking up Leominar felt something slimy touch the back of his head and drew his sword preparing for combat. After some quick words the entity which they where talking to reviled itself to be a Ilithid, that was cast out of his home for being able to use sorcercy. He implored the group to go and kill the High King and Queen of the Duregar City that was in the same cavern that he was located in. After discussing their options the group suggested they just kill the creature and be done with it, it cast a spell as Leominar which he succeed on his saving throw and resisted the effects before blasting and stunning Draco with a mind blast. After the blast Leominar charged the creature and a battle erupted briefly before the party killed it. After noticing that the room temperature was rising they felt the door and realized that lava was pouring out from beneath the door. Ashus seeing this freaked out and started to push random Ruby's on the wall hoping that it would do something and finding the right sequence, the teleportation circle flared to life, after seeing this the party rushed through and found themselves in a dark room. 

Hearing noises coming from up stairs they quickly did a search around and found a few casks of ale, which Damakos tried to steal but was unsuccessful in doing so. The party headed up stairs and found a door at the top of the stairs. After listening to the door they came to the conclusion that they were in a tavern and the inhabitants spoke Common and there was also some Elven music playing. After opening the door the group saw a familiar Half-Orc tending to the bar with another fellow, Leominar casting message to Lumomar, to create a distraction who turned and punched the other bartender in the face knocking him over the bar and into the lap of a patron. After seeing this Leominar cast invisibility and walked out of the tavern while a bar fight to start. The rest of the group decided to join the fight and after a while Leominar came back in and cast Calm Emotions to calm the crowd and get them to stop fighting. After the fighting stopped Lumomar joined with the party to head back to the Burning Blades to discuss what  had transpired in the 4 or 5 months that they had been gone. The party surprised that they had been gone that long went to their guild hall and spoke to Lady Oeylite.  While talking to her there was a knock at the door and when it opened the party saw themselves facing in towards the room while Lady Oeylite and Amelia starred in disbelieve that two of the same party was standing in front of them.

Fright Night in Yomia

As the party ran into the crypt they found two individuals standing guard, and one of the graves opened. After quickly discussing what to do they noticed that the larger of the two individuals started to glow a reddish heu and began to move towards the group. As the lumbering individual started to run at the group Leominar quickly began to speak slowing the hulking figure down in it's tracks. After a brief discussion with the creature, they told it one of the graves had been tampered with. The figure quickly cast a spell and determined that one of the Silence members (who the crypt was built for) was taken from the crypt without the two individuals knowing it. The larger of the two cast a scry spell and determined that the body was on the docks moving with something invisible. After hearing that the group decided to head towards the docks and investigate further towards the body.

Upon arriving at the docks the group was greeted by a large Goliath, who appeared to be the dock master. After discussing that there was a disturbance last night. After heading to the guard house to further investigating the guards told them that a man named Teryak had saw something moved in the middle of his shift. After quickly discussing with the man the group got him to take them to the site of the disturbance, upon arriving the group saw a man being thrown overboard a ship apparently with his throat cut and the ship sailing away. After some quickly reactions the group boarded the ship and dispatched the Tabaxi that had went invisible and attacked the party. After bringing the dead body who left hand was missing, back towards the crypt. After re entombing the body along with it's goods. The group noticed that the two individuals had not moved since they re entered the crypt.  Leominar detected magic and unbeknownst to him there was a spell jammer caused him to go crazy and started to see demons everywhere.

After seeing the demons the party tried to calm him down with Ashus being attacked and knocked unconscious. After healing Ashus and giving chase after Leominar as he ran out of the crypt. The party gave chase and ran into him at a shop where Leominar attacked Draco knocking him unconscious, after body bagging Leominar and tying him down the group dragged him back to  the Burning Blades head quarters. Lady Oeylite cast a restoration spell upon him freeing him of the Confusion spell that was placed upon him.

Battle at the Burning Blades

During the night (around 4am) the group was awoken by a loud crash of thunder from a storm that was running through the area. After attempting to go back to sleep were reawaken by the sound of armor and weapons being readied outside their door, the group also heard the sounds of Lady Oeloyite shouting for members of the Burning Blades to head to the grave yard district and be prepared for battle. With some quick suggestions from the group Leominar agreed to go see what was happening.

Upon investigating and speaking with Lady Oeloyite, Leominar was told that a Blue Arcadian had awoken in the graveyard. The group decided it was in their best interest to go and investigate the Arcadian. While outside with the rain and lightning going across the sky, the group saw a figure walking towards them with what appeared to be a staff in hand. As the figure neared the group they saw it was lipless and had holes throughout it's body, after seeing the figure to be undead the group charged forward to do battle with it. After a few quick wounds being dealt by either side the group emerged victorious. Damakos in the middle of the fight saw a winged figure perched on a roof that flew away once it realized that it was seen.

After the battle the group headed towards the graveyard and saw a bunch of Burning Blades members dead around the grounds of the graveyard, clustered over a open grave. Upon seeing the group Father Reinhardt ran out of his church and went to the party were he stated that the Arcadian had blown open a crypt and begged the party to go and investigate it.

Returning to Yomia

The group known as Leominars Legionnaires, after killing the baby black dragons of Miscoth the Terrible, returned with the help of Gabriel Starseeker. Upon arriving the party found themselves in a desert landscape. After looking about for a about an hour Damakos found out that there was a sea or ocean to the west of them by just a few days. The party traveled west word and after two days the heard combat over a dune. Leominar investigating found a lone man in plate armor battling eight goblins with two dead at his feet. Once found Leominar casted sleep putting all but two of the goblins to sleep and Draco casted Magic Missile killing one of the ones that remained standing.

The lone man quickly dispatched the last remaining goblin, and after the rest of the group caught up introduced himself as Lumomar a half orc paladin of Bahamut. After discussing their next plan of action the half orc stated that he had been seeking the group for the past few months even following them to the Isle of Iron before being Teleported to the desert, by the Necromancer known as Amol Zheslu. The paladin suggested that the group should head west in order to free some prisoners of a orc tribe.

The party after interrogating the paladin for a while finally settled with the threat that if he was setting them up for a ambush he was going to be the first one to die. After traveling another three days westward the party heard some commotion coming from over another dune and with hearing in orcish "We have run out of food from the last raid, guess it is time to eat the priosner." the party rushed in and battled the group of orcs. With the leader freeing an Orog from his cage the Orog rushed into combat and the group of orcs quickly dropped Westmalle and Leominar. After the battle the group found the prisoner to be Erakai, and after asking a few questions Erakai recognized Alazhar and asked for a states report on his current mission. Alazhar not wanting the group to be suspicious said they would talk later.

After agreeing to accompany the party the group headed westward once again, after arriving in the town of Port Royale after another two days of travel. Upon arriving in the city a cloaked figure brushed up against Draco and pick pocketed him. After realizing this Draco Misty Stepped towards the figure cutting him off while Alazhar Eldritch Blast the invidual killing the man instantly. After de cloaking the figure Draco realized that the man in question was in fact a teenager with no pulse. Leominar attempted to cast a Cure Wounds on him to no avail.

After leaving the body to the guards who carried the kid away the group went to an inn which the inn keeper assessed the group and charged them an outrages price for rooms, by than Draco said he would buy out the Inn for the night and placed fifty gold down for the Inn. During the night on first watch which was held by Ashus, Erakai, and Westmalle the party heard a noise come from the back of the Inn which Ashus turned into a tiger and investigated scaring the man out of the window. After hearing a crash come from the back Erakai went to go investigate before fifteen men came from the front door to assassinate and steal the belongings of the party. After a quick battle the group dispatched the enemies with Leominar leaving one of the group alive for questioning. After hearing the commotion the Inn keep came down to investigate and found the sleeping member of the Wolverines, a local thieves guild that controlled the city.

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