Battle at the Burning Blades

During the night (around 4am) the group was awoken by a loud crash of thunder from a storm that was running through the area. After attempting to go back to sleep were reawaken by the sound of armor and weapons being readied outside their door, the group also heard the sounds of Lady Oeloyite shouting for members of the Burning Blades to head to the grave yard district and be prepared for battle. With some quick suggestions from the group Leominar agreed to go see what was happening.

Upon investigating and speaking with Lady Oeloyite, Leominar was told that a Blue Arcadian had awoken in the graveyard. The group decided it was in their best interest to go and investigate the Arcadian. While outside with the rain and lightning going across the sky, the group saw a figure walking towards them with what appeared to be a staff in hand. As the figure neared the group they saw it was lipless and had holes throughout it's body, after seeing the figure to be undead the group charged forward to do battle with it. After a few quick wounds being dealt by either side the group emerged victorious. Damakos in the middle of the fight saw a winged figure perched on a roof that flew away once it realized that it was seen.

After the battle the group headed towards the graveyard and saw a bunch of Burning Blades members dead around the grounds of the graveyard, clustered over a open grave. Upon seeing the group Father Reinhardt ran out of his church and went to the party were he stated that the Arcadian had blown open a crypt and begged the party to go and investigate it.


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