Fright Night in Yomia

As the party ran into the crypt they found two individuals standing guard, and one of the graves opened. After quickly discussing what to do they noticed that the larger of the two individuals started to glow a reddish heu and began to move towards the group. As the lumbering individual started to run at the group Leominar quickly began to speak slowing the hulking figure down in it's tracks. After a brief discussion with the creature, they told it one of the graves had been tampered with. The figure quickly cast a spell and determined that one of the Silence members (who the crypt was built for) was taken from the crypt without the two individuals knowing it. The larger of the two cast a scry spell and determined that the body was on the docks moving with something invisible. After hearing that the group decided to head towards the docks and investigate further towards the body.

Upon arriving at the docks the group was greeted by a large Goliath, who appeared to be the dock master. After discussing that there was a disturbance last night. After heading to the guard house to further investigating the guards told them that a man named Teryak had saw something moved in the middle of his shift. After quickly discussing with the man the group got him to take them to the site of the disturbance, upon arriving the group saw a man being thrown overboard a ship apparently with his throat cut and the ship sailing away. After some quickly reactions the group boarded the ship and dispatched the Tabaxi that had went invisible and attacked the party. After bringing the dead body who left hand was missing, back towards the crypt. After re entombing the body along with it's goods. The group noticed that the two individuals had not moved since they re entered the crypt.  Leominar detected magic and unbeknownst to him there was a spell jammer caused him to go crazy and started to see demons everywhere.

After seeing the demons the party tried to calm him down with Ashus being attacked and knocked unconscious. After healing Ashus and giving chase after Leominar as he ran out of the crypt. The party gave chase and ran into him at a shop where Leominar attacked Draco knocking him unconscious, after body bagging Leominar and tying him down the group dragged him back to  the Burning Blades head quarters. Lady Oeylite cast a restoration spell upon him freeing him of the Confusion spell that was placed upon him.


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